Lipstick 2600mAh USB Portable Power Bank Charger

For mobile phones / tablets / other devices

Includes Power Bank Charger and USB to micro USB cable

Product Description

This Portable USB Power Bank is a great handy charger to have with you anywhere you go. When your mobile phone battery is running low and you do not have any access to any power sockets/points, this Power Bank will charge your mobile phone just like your standard charger. It is ideal for extended calling, long trips, on the road, watching movies, playing music, using your bluetooth, using GPS mode, etc.


1. Fully charge your USB Power Bank using the USB cable provided by connecting the micro USB end of the cable to the power bank (The "IN" port is the charging port of the Power Bank). The other end you should insert into the USB port of your computer/laptop.

2. When the a red LED is illuminated, this indicates your Power Bank is charging. When complete, the LED will turn blue. IMPORTANT: Prior to initial use please ensure you leave your power bank on charge for around 4-5 hours for maximum efficiency.

3. To charge digital devices (such as your mobile phone) Simply use the supplied USB cable if your device accepts micro USB - otherwise you can use your own USB cable (e.g. Apple products). Connect one end of the USB to the "OUT" port of the power bank and the other to your digital product. Your device will start to charge.

Technical Specifications

  • Input: DC 5V - 1000mA
  • Output: DC 5.3V - 1000mA (MAX)
  • Capacity: 2600mAh
  • Output interface: USB
  • With USB and single micro USB output
  • Stylish, Compact, Portable, mini & Fashionable Design
  • Works with most cell phones and USB powered devices
  • Come with a string, easy to carry
  • Brand New
  • includes 1x Power Bank Charger + 1x micro USB to USB Cable

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Lipstick 2600mAh USB Portable Power Bank Charger

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